This question is the mother of all questions.

 I get it when it comes to selling a membership. My answer is: we have 1 garage doors, 3 fans, no air conditioning, 1 window and no mirrors. And sometimes it gets dirty! How’s that for an answer? Seriously, we at SSP Fitness Box do believe in a regular strength conditioning work-out and in performance conditioning. That’s the difference. Well folks, coming here is to get results. Not to pass time and talk to friends. Some train here to gain mass, some to lose fat, some to get stronger and some to get faster. People from all stages of life come here to get results and that’s because of the great services that we give.

Each and every one of SSP’s clients is on semi or private sessions. We are always correcting them and making sure that they get the motion right and that their lifting technique is good. WE DO NOT ALLOW bad form of training. We have a law: train the right way and get amazing results! We do not know everything. We learn every day. If you train every day and learn every day, in my book, you are better or getting better.

The way we work here at the gym is quite simple, but amazingly effective. We have a pattern that made our success over the years and we believe this is the way to do it. Here is the principle:

1-Biomechnical evaluation

2-Lay out the program to correct all flaws found in the evaluation.

3-Meet the client for his appointment to show his/her program.

4- Follow and take note on the progression.

5- Change the program to correct the rest of the flaw

6- Meet the client’s expectations/goals

This is how we work and like to follow the client. They love it! Why? Because they get good stable results. We are a very specific gym with one thing in mind, the client’s satisfaction. No, we do not have treadmill, but we do have fancy cardio machines and we have the mother of all cardio machines and I name it the PROWLER.

At the gym, we can offer a vast variety of cardio programs that will blow you away and make your work hard and produce results. Most of all, we are specialist in Speed, strength and power is what we do and we help people in rehabilitation if they are hurt. As you know, SSP is about performance and it’s accessible to all. We have all kinds of specialists and we can answer all your questions.

We don’t have secrets, we have determination and the will to help people and athletes to achieve their goals. Here, people train hard. They get pushed and yes, they sweat! But you know, they love it! Come to the gym, try it and talk to us.

When it comes to finding a gym, choose the right one. The one that will help you achieve your goals in a safe and pleasant way. For all your fitness needs, SSP Fitness Club is there to help you.

See you soon at this unique facility on the south shore of Montreal

Stay strong

Coach Steve.