A question of strength (english)


Hey Steve! I’d like to get strong? How do you get strong? How long will it take me to get strong? These questions are often asked by clients who are seeking to get stronger. In my first installment, I told you about Skinny G. He got strong, yes! He followed my program and he got results. But when it comes to strength for athletes, there is a difference. Remember that in most sports, the basic need is speed. And speed comes from strength. And strength comes from speed. WOW! Did I just blow your mind on that one?

There are different categories of strength. I will explain to you 3 of them that are very important to me in the development of an athlete.

  • Strength-speed
  • Strength-endurance
  • Maximum strength

These are the types of strength that I work with every day. Most of the time, I cycle it so every week they touch the 3 principles. It’s very important to alternate. This is how I cycle a week.

  • ME: Maximum effort
  • SS: Strength-speed
  • SE: Strength endurance
  • RE: Repetitions day

High level athletes might have 2 workouts a day. One during the day and one at night. We mostly do modified strongman with a group. This way, it’s more challenging for them and more fun too. The modified strongman is a good way to increase strength, speed and endurance. The wonderful piece of equipment that is the prowler can be used for strength, speed and endurance.

In this world of strength, the key to success is rotation. A squat is a squat, but you must vary the sets and the repetitions. Here is a layout of a typical variation for a 2-week program at the gym.

This is just a sample of what I do here at the gym. It’s way more complex that! The key is to always challenge you trainee and make sure he needs to get better every day. He needs to come to gym with a warrior spirit and train as hard as possible. It is normal to be tired after a training. When I see one of my guys joking a fooling around, I say to myself; I fucked up somewhere or he cheated on himself. By training at 50% of his capacity, that pisses me off. When I do my lifting, I go 100% all the way. And yes, after a bench or squat session, I’m dead and I feel like crap. If you don’t want to feel like that, get out and join a gym elsewhere and stop wasting my time.

When going to the gym, make sure you can and will give it all you got! That is the key to success. Stop crying that you feel tired and sore and go do whatever you must do!

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